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Cat Behaviour Training

My cat’s behaviour has become a real problem!

There are many behaviours that our cats exhibit that we find difficult to live with.  By following our cat behaviour training, we can help with the following:

  • Pee and poo in the house
  • Spray all over the house
  • Eat or chew strange things such as wool or material
  • Fight with other cats – outside and at home
  • Bite and scratch
  • Become aggressive when groomed
  • Seem anxious
  • Yowl and meow a lot
  • Scratch and destroy my furniture
  • Over-groom and hurt herself

Bringing harmony back to your house

Working out why your cat is behaving like this can be a bit like being a detective. Every cat is an individual and every home environment is different. I help you explore all the possible factors that influence your cat’s behaviour and apply the most effective and creative modern treatments to find a solution.  Our cat behaviour training is very effective.

Imagine a world where…

  • Your carpets and beds are no longer smelly
  • The cats are no longer fighting
  • Your cat wants to play with you and have a cuddle
  • Your stop taking your cat to the vet for cystitis
  • Harmony returns to the house

Imagine if your cat could…

  • let you stroke him without biting or scratching
  • happily let you walk past without attacking your legs or arms
  • stop attacking the neighbour’s cat
  • no more attacking your other cat
  • stop yowling and meowing keeping you up at night

How do I help you?

  • Begin by calling me for a FREE chat so I can get an idea of your problem
  • The environment that a cat lives in is very important so I will come to your home to meet you and your cat – this gives me the opportunity to get a full understanding of the problem and learn ‘what makes your cat tick’. I will also leave you with written advice to get you going
  • You receive a comprehensive written programme detailing why your cat behaves the way she does and what we can do about it
  • I will ask you to fill in an online diary on a weekly or daily basis. This enables me to monitor your progress and advise accordingly on how to move forward
  • Over and above this I will be available through email, phone and video conferencing to support you throughout the process

We will work together for 8 weeks from the time you get the written programme or longer if you wish. Every cat is an individual as is every owner so every programme is devised on a bespoke individual basis. As such the fee structure for my work will vary. After our initial chat I will let you know what the fees will be for your specific case.  Contact us to learn more about our cat behaviour training plans.


Book a FREE chat and find out how I can help

Contact us by clicking HERE and we will be back in touch within 48 hours

Your Behaviourist

I find cats fascinating creatures. Throughout my professional life they have continued to amaze me. Working out why a cat does what she does is sometimes like being a detective. Through looking and understanding all aspects of their lives and the homes they live in I am able to interpret their behaviour and figure out what is worrying them. Once this is done I will devise a bespoke programme for you and your cat so that she can go back to living happily for many years to come.

Recommending you to anyone

Ingrid it’s been amazing to have had your help through this and we can’t thank you enough. We feel we have made huge progress and things at home feel very much calmer and manageable, so THANK YOU very much. We will be recommending you to anyone we come across who needs help with their cat.



We were tearing our hair out and our house smelled awful. Our cat was peeing on furniture, chewing the legs on chairs and fighting with our other cat. Ingrid came to see us, thoroughly analysed the situation and advised on what to do next. It was AMAZING. After implementing all of Ingrid’s suggestions the problem was resolved in ONE WEEK – we couldn’t believe it. We owe her a deep debt of gratitude – she save us a fortune in cleaning bills and new furniture as well as bringing peace back to our home.


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