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No problem is too big or too small for our dog behaviour training

Effective dog behaviour training can address many common issues.

Why does my dog…

These are only some of the behaviour problems many dog owners face and each one causes distress. We ask a lot of our dogs when we ask them to fit in with our hectic lifestyles. Sometimes they find it difficult to cope and become stressed and anxious. This does not have to continue. I can help you find solutions and help you and your dog live together peacefully and happily.

How do I help you? The Dog Behaviour Training Journey

We will work together for 8 weeks or longer if needed. Every pet is an individual as is every owner so every programme is devised on an individual basis. As such the fee structure for my work will vary. After our initial chat I will let you know what the fees will be for your specific case.


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Your Behaviourist

No problem is too big or too small for our dog behaviour training. The behaviour of our pets is so varied that no “one size fits all”. This is what makes my work so interesting and drives me to find bespoke and creative ways to help my clients and their dogs with their problems.

Support, positive approach and honesty

When I think back I might have made that decision to have Fifi put to sleep but now we have our lovely dog still with us. It takes time and hard work but we would not have started this or kept going without Ingrid’s support and positive approach and honesty. I can walk Fifi with confidence and enjoy having her again and enjoy the work we do together. With Ingrid’s support, knowledge and experience we were able to give our dog another chance and feel safe in making that decision.

Anita & Fifi

Best chance possible to have a happy life with us

“When I went to see Ingrid, my dog was behaving so poorly it was affecting my family and was very stressful for me. I was worried I would have to put him down and just didn’t know what to do to control his behaviour. The strength of this support is the time Ingrid takes to get to know us as well as our dog. There are short term goals and a long term programme to follow which is tailored to the needs of the dog. It was so helpful and has made a huge difference to my dog. Ingrid has ensured he had the best chance possible to have a happy life with us. I can’t thank you enough.

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