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Dog Aggression Training

Aggression is scary, stressful & embarrassing! Our dog aggression training can help!

Why does aggression happen?

Your dog isn’t being vicious or nasty – he’s frightened! Aggression is his way of coping with something or someone of whom he is frightened. Mostly he is using this behaviour to make that scary thing go away.

Fear and aggression can happen because the dog had a bad experience which frightened him such as being attacked; being badly socialised; because he finds the world a scary place or something as simple as being accidentally hurt. These are just a few examples and there are many more.  Our dog aggression training can help remedy these issues.

Imagine if your dog could…

Don’t worry – I can help!

By using kind, force-free dog aggression training and behaviour modification methods, I can help your dog change his view of the world. Because he is no longer fearful, he will not be aggressive. I systematically help your dog change his frame of mind helping him to cope with his fears and stop feeling that aggression is his only alternative.

Your Dog Aggression Training Programme

We will work together for 8 weeks (or more if needed) until your dog’s problems are sorted out. Every dog is an individual, as is every owner.  Every programme is bespoke and created just for you. Because the plans are unique, the fee structure for my work will vary. After our initial free chat I will be able to let you know what the fees will be for your specific case.


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Your Behaviourist

I take aggressive behaviour very seriously because it’s so important for owners and dogs alike.  I understand how distressing this behaviour is for both you and your dog and how this can affect family life. I bring all my experience and knowledge to bear on helping overcome this worrying behaviour problem by bringing you the best possible solution.

progress has been amazing

Ingrid came to see us and discussed Bella’s issues in detail. She taught us to understand why Bella was guarding and how to manage and gave us a programme to work on the issue. Having this knowledge has helped us immensely to stop all guarding. It’s only been a short while but the progress so far has been amazing. Ingrid’s ongoing support is fantastic with weekly updates and feedback which really helps.


Ingrid has been a great help with our Lakeland terrier. He developed fear based aggression and became almost unmanageable around other dogs. Ingrid gave us a framework to understand what he was going through and a range of techniques to help him feel safe again. He’s now a much happier dog and our home life has improved. We feel much more confident that we’re on the right track and things are getting better all the time.


Ingrid has helped so much with my cat Artie. He had become very aggressive – biting and scratching and having tantrums. Ingrid helped me to change his bad habits. Artie is back to being the sweet loving cat he was before. Thank you, Ingrid

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