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Puppy Training in London

I love my new puppy but she:

She’s a typical puppy – don’t worry – I can help

Finding reliable and fear free puppy training in London can be a challenge.  However, training your puppy from the start is possibly the most important dog training you will ever do. After all we all know that prevention is better than cure. Without good training at a young age bad habits form and these are much more difficult to correct later on in life. So, train now and reap the benefits for life.

I can help you train your puppy so that not only will you enjoy her now but she will become a fabulous adult dog for years to come.

Your puppy will learn

One to One Individual Puppy Training in London

I provide you and your puppy with hands on one to one training either at your home or my premises. Unlike puppy classes you and your puppy will receive my full attention and support throughout our time together and beyond.

Puppy Training in London

Your puppy has arrived – how exciting – but having a new pup can be stressful and nerve wracking. I’ll help you get your new puppy off to the right start including how to house train, be alone quietly, how to behave in company and with kids and learn good manners – it’s never too early to start learning the rules of polite society!

4 sessions – £290 at my premises (if you wish to work at your home contact me for a quotation)

Training Never Stops!

If you wish to continue your puppy’s training I am here to help.

Further individual sessions of 1 hour at my premises at £65 per hour are available whenever you feel the need.

Your Dog Trainer

As a dog behaviourist I see many dogs that have not had a good start in life and now have training and behaviour problems. I love to train puppies, not just because it’s great fun but because I know that with the right start in life a dog is much less likely to develop training and behaviour problems as they get older.


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given us all the help, guidance and support

As first time dog owners, we were keen to get the best help we possibly could, so we didn’t make mistakes from day one. After doing some research, we discovered the highly regarded Ingrid and contacted her. After a brief phone call, we knew Ingrid was perfect for our needs. She has given us all the help, guidance and support we required to ensure that Peggy is the dog we wanted. Ingrid’s ongoing training is wonderful and we have just finished Peggy’s swimming lessons. We could not recommend Ingrid highly enough, regardless of what development your dog is at.


rewards have been considerable

The rewards have been considerable. Ingrid has made useful recommendations for products that have all been excellent and the written crib sheets have meant that I’ve had something to refer to if I’ve been stuck after the sessions. As a new dog owner I feel confident I now have a solid grounding with which to progress. I honestly don’t believe that I would be as effective a dog owner had I chosen group classes. I recommend her highly.

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