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It is always good to know when the work has paid off – thank you to all my wonderful pet owners and referring vets for their kind words

positive outcomes for pet and owner

I have been using Ingrid Haskal’s behavioural services since 2012. I refer all of my behavioural cases to her which all have had positive outcomes for the pet and owner. In my opinion she has a high standard of behavioural knowledge, techniques and skills. I highly recommend Ingrid to my colleagues who needed expert advice with any behaviour queries.

Vitor Silva MRCVS – Medivet Greenwich

support, knowledge and experience

I met Ingrid when our family were at a very low point. We were seriously considering having our lovely Staffie Fifi put to sleep. She was attacked in the park when she was young and since then had been very difficult with other dogs to the point where we were reluctant to go on holiday and even go to the park with her. The final straw was that she attacked our wonderful old dog Rocky and badly hurt his leg. The vet felt that her behaviour was too difficult to change and that we should have her put to sleep. That was the most difficult decision to make especially when your dog is lovely with people and also your daughter’s best friend.

Ingrid came to see us and immediately saw potential in Fifi and felt that it was definitely worth trying to change her behaviour and working with her to make her less fearful. We had a comprehensive programme to follow and I could see an improvement in Fifi’s behaviour with us in the home almost within a week – we see improvements every day. What Ingrid did for me was to give me the confidence to be able to walk Fifi again and to face my fears and hers and to deal with them. Knowing that Ingrid was at the end of the phone was very reassuring when we were not getting things right or we needed advice.

When I think back I might have made that decision to have Fifi put to sleep but now we have our lovely dog still with us. It takes time and hard work but we would not have started this or kept going without Ingrid’s support and positive approach and honesty. I can walk Fifi with confidence and enjoy having her again and enjoy the work we do together. With Ingrid’s support, knowledge and experience we were able to give our dog another chance and feel safe in making that decision.

Anita & Fifi

recommending you to anyone

Ingrid it’s been amazing to have had your help through this and we can’t thank you enough. We feel we have made huge progress and things at home feel very much calmer and manageable, so THANK YOU very much. We will be recommending you to anyone we come across who needs help with their dog.


never have coped without you

Thanks for all your help – I am sure I would never have coped without you.


tailored to the needs of the dog

When I went to see Ingrid, my dog was behaving so poorly it was affecting my family and was very stressful for me. I was worried I would have to put him down and just didn’t know what to do to control his behaviour. The strength of this support is the time Ingrid takes to get to know us as well as our dog. There are short term goals and a long term programme to follow which is tailored to the needs of the dog. It was so helpful and has made a huge difference to my dog. Ingrid has ensured he had the best chance possible to have a happy life with us. I can’t thank you enough.


support is fantastic

Ingrid’s ongoing support is fantastic with weekly updates and feedback which really helps.


perfect for our needs… ongoing training is wonderful

As first time dog owners, we were keen to get the best help we possibly could, so we didn’t make mistakes from day one. After doing some research, we discovered the highly regarded Ingrid and contacted her. After a brief phone call, we knew Ingrid was perfect for our needs. She has given us all the help, guidance and support we required to ensure that Peggy is the dog we wanted. Ingrid’s ongoing training is wonderful and we have just finished Peggy’s swimming lessons. We could not recommend Ingrid highly enough, regardless of what development your dog is at.


thorough, conscientious… advice was spot on

Our household and especially our dog owe Ingrid a great debt of gratitude – her advice was spot on and Samson’s behaviour has radically improved. She is thorough, conscientious and very good at reading not just the animal but also his wider context and the people around him! The fact that we know we can call on her for help in the future is also very important and appreciated!


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