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Fig's Story

Our rescue cockapoo Fig is the definition of a pandemic puppy. We rescued him in March 2020, collecting him from his foster home the night before the UK went into lockdown. We knew from the start he was clingy, hated being alone, followed us everywhere and also hated being in a crate. Due to Covid it was several months before he was left alone, and as things started to open up we quickly realised he had separation anxiety. He would bark frantically the moment we went to the front door, and it was clear he was very distressed anytime we left.

We tried a couple of different dog trainers, unfortunately all giving us both conflicting and bad advice including letting him bark it out.

After much online research we found Ingrid. Encouraged by her positive reviews we started working with her in January 2021.

We started working on our pre departure cue’s and gradually getting Fig used to us getting ready to leave the house. It took weeks before we even made it out the front door, and months before we got to 10 minutes. However, by the summer we were delighted that we had reached 30 minutes which felt like a massive breakthrough.

Unfortunately, after some breaks in training for a couple of holidays Fig had regressed. So, we had to go back to basics again. Through every up, down and regression Ingrid was always there to give advice, guidance and offer new tactics and tools to try. We made great progress towards the end of the year but again Fig had another regression. We thought long and hard about giving up and accepting that Fig might just be a dog that cannot be left alone. Again, Ingrid was there with guidance and help. We started the New Year determined to make more progress and commit to every piece of advice Ingrid had given us. She recommended a change of medication and we started the New Year with a positive mindset.


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Clearly something just switched in Fig and we started to make significant progress. He was so relaxed and knew to go to his spot on the couch when we were getting ready to leave. As the weeks passed, the minutes racked up. We can now leave for 3 hours and he just sleeps. This is a place we never thought we would get to in our many moments of despair.

The process took over a year, with some breaks and the progress definitely wasn’t linear, with many setbacks and regressions along the way. Ingrid was always there to offer advice, guidance and words of comfort throughout this. We honestly can’t thank her enough, it’s amazing to have our freedom back, but more importantly to have a happy dog who now knows how to relax on his own.

Hopefully this will give comfort to anyone in a similar situation. Trust the process, and Ingrid, be consistent with your training and you will get there.

Ingrid Haskal

I am passionate about helping dogs and their owners get over this terrible condition. So much so that I have made treating separation cases my speciality and am a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer. Using modern, scientific and up to date methods I get true insight into how you and your dog are progressing and can keep you motivated and on track throughout the training process until the problem has been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

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I got my life back

Above all thank you for being there for us when we were experiencing very difficult times with Reggie and thank you for cheering us on and giving us hope to persevere and not to give up


home alone and happy

I really thought this would never happen and its true that it took time and hard work but Ingrid’s enthusiasm, support and expertise kept us going. It was like having my own personal trainer! She was with us every step of the way until finally our little Alfie can be left at home and our new sofa is safe from being ripped to shreds.

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