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Fred's Story

Thank you for your help, guidance, support and reassurance – we have made such huge progress and are grateful for having a normal life again. 

It has been a long, and sometimes frustrating road but, with Ingrid’s help, we have made such remarkable progress and everyone, dog and humans alike, are a lot less anxious. We appreciate the difference that having our own lives back makes and would certainly recommend Ingrid for help with any separation anxiety issues your dog may have – we are appreciative of the improvement from zero to four hours. 

We were recommended to Ingrid at a really low point in our lives and to be honest were almost at the point of giving up on Fred and returning him to the rescue centre. We now feel so glad and grateful that her skills, knowledge and technique has completely turned our situation around and the restrictions that we had are now lifted.

We rehomed Fred in February 2017 – he was a bouncy 14 month old lurcher, affectionate and loved having company – that was the problem he followed us everywhere we went – upstairs, downstairs, toilet, garden, garage – anywhere rather be left alone even for a few seconds. Not only did it make life difficult at home but as he came to work with me, it made life very complicated there too. We did the research, sought advice and tried over the next 18 months or so to train him that it was OK to be alone at times but he freaked out – barking, pacing, crying and whining. He would run from door to window, looking for us, trembling and hyperventilating with his heart rate climbing.

Progress seemed painfully slow at first and there were definite times of regression which was disappointing for us but Ingrid’s expert knowledge and calm approach gave us not just hope but confidence that it would be alright in time and to keep persevering. She kept us all on track and motivated.

With Ingrid’s support and guidance we started Fred on fluoxetine and this, in combination, with the daily training programme that Ingrid provided, has given him the reassurance that we are coming back and life is OK being alone anyway. Absence times started increasing and it was exciting to be able to go out to post a letter or go to the corner shop and back without him. As the periods out of the house increased, we then had the strange scenario of what shall we do for 20 minutes, an hour; then phone battery for monitoring the cameras started running out! We are now able to leave him for four hours although have still been monitoring him continuously to date. You can see that he now feels quite relaxed when we are out – sometimes he does not move at all, other times he may have a stretch, go for a drink and change position or go from sofa to bed but all this in a sedate unconcerned manner.

We are delighted that Fred is now making excellent progress and his separation anxiety is hopefully a thing of the past. If it should return, however, we have some understanding of how to set about allaying his fears and anxiety and know that Ingrid will be there for us once again.


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Ingrid Haskal

I am passionate about helping dogs and their owners get over this terrible condition. So much so that I have made treating separation cases my speciality and am a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer. Using modern, scientific and up to date methods I get true insight into how you and your dog are progressing and can keep you motivated and on track throughout the training process until the problem has been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

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I got my life back

Above all thank you for being there for us when we were experiencing very difficult times with Reggie and thank you for cheering us on and giving us hope to persevere and not to give up


home alone and happy

I really thought this would never happen and its true that it took time and hard work but Ingrid’s enthusiasm, support and expertise kept us going. It was like having my own personal trainer! She was with us every step of the way until finally our little Alfie can be left at home and our new sofa is safe from being ripped to shreds.

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