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Gus’s Journey – from 0 seconds to 3 hours

We knew from the day we picked Gus up that he was a very affectionate little puppy and liked to be in the company of others, constantly following us from room to room. It was only when we attempted to leave him on his own that we discovered that it was actually dog separation anxiety.
We tried leaving him a couple of times before we realised that we were going to need professional help to ensure he was settled and happy when left on his own.
This is when I discovered Ingrid. Having read numerous reviews and stories I knew we were in the right place.

On our very first session with Ingrid we watched as Gus went into full panic mode as soon as we left the flat – barking, crying, pacing, jumping up at the front door – all within a few seconds. It was heart breaking to watch.
Over the next three months we slowly but surely worked through Gus’s pre departure cues i.e. picking up house keys, putting on our coats, grabbing our bags etc and leaving the flat for only a few seconds to be begin with, getting him used to these moments so he was prepared for us leaving and learned to remain calm.

Gus’s progress was steady but there were definitely moments where it regressed which we found really disappointing but Ingrid told us that this was completely normal – progress is never a straight line and with her support we were soon back on track. Where we could, Ingrid helped us to identify the triggers that brought back his anxiety which was really helpful as we could then either prevent it next time or be conscious that our approach to leaving the flat needed to be tweaked. With progression meant longer time periods hanging outside the flat – thank god for Starbucks!

But the effort was definitely worth it! It’s hard to believe that three months ago we couldn’t leave him for even a few seconds and now we can leave him for three hours without him showing any signs of anxiety – in fact he now spends most of his alone time fast asleep! He’s come on leaps and bounds.

Not only is Gus now relaxed when we leave but thanks to Ingrid we also have the skill set to continue his training and extend his alone time and we are prepared now to be able to manage the situation should he have a small relapse.
I couldn’t recommend Ingrid enough. We now have one happy, calm puppy and two humans who are delighted to be able to go out and about again due to her help and commitment.

Thank you Ingrid from Gus, Claire and Sophie


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Ingrid Haskal

I am passionate about helping dogs and their owners get over this terrible condition. So much so that I have made treating separation cases my speciality and am a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer. Using modern, scientific and up to date methods I get true insight into how you and your dog are progressing and can keep you motivated and on track throughout the training process until the problem has been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

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I got my life back

Above all thank you for being there for us when we were experiencing very difficult times with Reggie and thank you for cheering us on and giving us hope to persevere and not to give up


home alone and happy

I really thought this would never happen and its true that it took time and hard work but Ingrid’s enthusiasm, support and expertise kept us going. It was like having my own personal trainer! She was with us every step of the way until finally our little Alfie can be left at home and our new sofa is safe from being ripped to shreds.

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