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How to Train a Dog with Separation Anxiety

I am proud to be a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer and to specialise in the training of dogs with separation anxiety. Working with a dog that has separation anxiety takes time and patience but the treatment is highly effective and simple to follow – you never have to figure out what to do next or wonder whether you are doing the right thing. I take all the guesswork out of the process and guide and support you every step of the way – just think of me as your personal trainer!

Separation Anxiety Programme

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To begin leaning about how to train a dog with separation anxiety, contact me.  Call, email or fill out the short form on my contact page to arrange a time for a free chat to
give me a clear insight on the problem.

Veterinary Referral

The physical health of your dog can effect the way she responds to the training. No-one can learn new ways of behaving if they are not feeling well. This is why it is important to make sure your dog is fit and healthy. I will ask your vet to fill in a referral form and provide me with your dog’s full medical history. This will give me valuable information about her past health and give me a fuller picture of her current behaviour. Sometimes we find that medication can help a dog respond better to the training by reducing anxiety. If we agree that this is the case I will consult with your vet as to what is appropriate for your dog.  When determining how to train a dog with separation anxiety, we rely on all of the information available to us.


I will send you a simple questionnaire to fill in. This gives me further insight and important information that may affect your dog’s behaviour.

The Initial Assessment

The first thing we do is set a time for the initial assessment. I will watch your dog alone in the house so that I can assess just how she behaves and at what point she starts to panic – don’t worry, you will remain close by so that you can return quickly before anything happens!

The Protocol

From the assessment I will design a protocol specifically for your dog and to suit your lifestyle. Every day, 5 days a week, I will write a simple step by step protocol for you to follow – this will initially not take more than half an hour of your time per day. The time you do the session is up to you to fit in with your busy life. You and your dog will take 2 days off a week – everyone needs a rest! These two days can vary to fit in with your schedule.

Once a week I will watch you and your dog do a session so that I can ascertain proper progress in a true life fashion enabling me to progress you forward.

We start the programme with a 6 week minimum so that we can set solid foundations for both you and your dog.

All the support you need

I fully believe that all my clients and their dogs should have all the support they need. For the time we work together I will be there to support you, answer your questions, listen closely to your problems and give you the best advice possible. I can’t tell you how long things will take because every dog is an individual but I can bring relief to you and contenment to your dog.  When you are looking for the answer to “how to train a dog with separation anxiety” contact me so I can help.

Ready for peace of mind?

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Support, positive approach and honesty

My vet recommended Ingrid for my little Akita boy because of his separation anxiety. I could not leave him alone for 5 minutes. He howled and barked for hours. She has a wonderful loving way to educate the dog´s owner and the dog. She is a very understanding behaviourist and has an open ear for ALL the little and big problems that a pet brings with it. I can definitely recommend her and her methods. Saki can stay at home now by himself. That is awesome. Thank you Ingrid!


best chance possible to have a happy life with us

“When I went to see Ingrid, my dog was behaving so poorly it was affecting my family and was very stressful for me. I was worried I would have to put him down and just didn’t know what to do to control his behaviour. The strength of this support is the time Ingrid takes to get to know us as well as our dog. There are short term goals and a long term programme to follow which is tailored to the needs of the dog. It was so helpful and has made a huge difference to my dog. Ingrid has ensured he had the best chance possible to have a happy life with us. I can’t thank you enough.

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